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about me

My name is Javier... Born in Malaga(spain) but based in Edinburgh. I have had contact with design since my early years with the first versions of Corel Draw or Freehand as self-thaught. That headed me to some jobs where I was leading and checking plotters and worked with some very experienced professionals, whom I'm so grateful because they show me how to manipulate vinyl and wide printers with different inks.



After some time I moved my mind to other area, studied IT network where I´ve learnt coding and networks, I´ve worked for the biggest broadband company in Spain (Telefonica, Movistar). Despite of my success I wasn´t happy with that, my artistic side was pushing me so I´ve run my own business making tshirts and hoodies, from the design to peel the vinyl and transfer it on the surface.

My curiosity brought me to buy and fit my own 3D printer and learn about it, photography as amateur but making my own posters and textures.

I´ve moved to Edinburgh, I´m currently studying UI/UX and branding together with strategy as self-thaught apart of other subjects to improve my knowledge and design, because my mind doesn't rest till achieve the next step. Right now Branding and Design blow my mind and run through it fast, crazy to learn and create more and more value.

I love design, brand visual identities and make an impactful presence online.

So if you need something with the mix of passion and committment, feel free to get in touch, wave me dropping an email or just submit the contact form below.

I would love to hear from you and start working together!




My own website.

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Komorebi Media

Branding for a photographer.

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SeryestarFit (BeFit)

A healthy company.

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Elite Networks

Rebranding for an IT company.

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Bunch of works

Some of my works.

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Hello, I'm

I'd like to know about

Website & Mobile UI/UX design.

Branding & Social Media.

Marketing & Ecommerce.

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Apologize, I´m currently working on it to show you the results,

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01. Brief

Komorebi is born this year, 2018, mixing the passion on photography and travel. My client popped in with the name that she loves and what is komorebi stands for. So let´s start the research from there.

02. Case Study

The branding must have relationship and feel the full meaning from the first sight.The first item on my artboard was a leaf, as the meaning of 'Komorebi'. This word is coming from Japanese, and we could translate it as:

The interplay between light and leaves
when sunlight shines through trees.

I started playing in my mind with that idea and like I show a few pixels down...

03. Process

I was looking for something with a 'K' and a leaf but the result wasn´t enough that gave me the full meaning...

After a couple of days I came back to the main idea. But playing with images and some shapes I´ve made something with meaning! I found that I could use the 'K' representing the light through and a leaf. I chose this colour like the sunlight but more about golden to give some luxury to the branding and keep the sunset lights.

Despite of I gave my client some of the drafts but I was hoping that the logo should be the last one that my mind created.

And next day her choice was the current logo, which one is the best for myself...

04. Solution

Client review

This review is pending...


01. Brief

Complete branding for a company sited in Spain, where the main business is health, and developing either health and your incomes at the same time.
Based in small envelopes wich almost all of them contains natural and organic ingredients. The origin is Agel, an USA company wich works with the multilevel marketing to grow up.

02. Case Study

After my brief with my client I started to work out about the logo and colours. It was my first work for a healthy company and based on network marketing. Green was my first choice for the meaning about health, prosperity, balance and growth.

After the meetings, I found out about what they needed, basically a full branding from logo design till business cards, website, clothes and an android App.

03. Process

04. Solution

After the logo and brand style guide that I show below these lines, I designed the prototypes for the app and the website. Meanwhile my client was reviewing them I moved into use the branding with some clothes that they wanted to make for their costumers to use mainly when they practice any kind of exercise or gym.

Colours and typefaces that must be used on any application, ads, documents, etc.

Below some screenshots about the android app and website landing page.

And finally some of the clothes that I´ve created to sell and show the brand.



This project was a proposal for a company in Spain, they are currently involved in a huge update for the brand at the same time that they will offer some new solutions about hosting and security to their clients so the company would turn into a new core business.

Case study

The re-branding that I proposed should show a safety place where clients will store their online applications and conectivity that they will offer with new hosting solutions and implementations.

So hands on it, my very first idea was a lock, or even an 'E' as an anagram, but far from the solution, I started with the idea that a lock is a closed or open way and clients must feel that they will be protected, so a shield was the best idea!

Although I still had in my mind about the conectivity, so my solution went to integrate a small circuits diagrams as an 'E' to show both conectivity and the first vocal of the brand, Elitenet.


Finally, I made the brand style guide as you can see below and some mock ups to show how it will work with their vans for the engineer and servers room to make the client imagine with how it looks.

Colours that must be used on any application, ads, documents, etc.

Typefaces within the logo and for all texts, emails, and docs.

Bunch of works

Sometimes a drawer is opened and a lot of greetings come to your mind... Here is my drawer... I know it needs to tidy up!!

My works with vinyl

Decorative decals.

My own Avengers

My own version of the avengers.

Some Business cards